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Jenny Jones, Retirement Coach and Creator of the "My Retirement Exit brand," has helped thousands of everyday working professionals navigate the complex journey to retirement with ease and simplicity.

He is the author of "The 5 Retirement Mistakes", where he explains the five most critical mistakes that people often make headed into retirement.

Jenny's "60-minute Retirement" short lunch-and-learn workshops have been received well with would-be retirees looking to learn retirement in a simple by the numbers method. He has been featured on ABC, Yahoo Finance, and Authority Magazine for his valuable insights on all things retirement.


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401k Secrets

The book shares 401k secrets, retirement tips, strategies & formulas. The book will share new ideas, investing approaches, and investment techniques that will help you to make more money and grow your savings. The book was written after studying and learning from some of the best financial minds.

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Roth vs Trad. IRA Secrets

The pros and cons of Traditional and Roth Individual Retirement Accounts have hovered over the heads of savers and investors since the accounts were created in 1974. This audio book is for individuals who are ready to stop guessing at this important decision and who want to have the confidence to put their money in the retirement account that will give them the greatest financial return.


What others are saying

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Andres Rosio- Workshop Attendee

"What ever Advice Jenny Says, I will use it"

Debra Turner- Workshop Attendee

"Jenny just breaks it down, even for retirement novices"

Joy Wright- Workshop Attendee

"Stocks, Bonds, Jenny just breaks it down and makes it fun"


In case you're wondering

Am I locked into a subscription?

No, all subscriptions are month-to-month. You can cancel at anytime.

When do I get my free annual review?

You will be scheduled for your free review after the 30 day indoctrination period.

Do I get an option on Video Chat or Voice chat?

Yes, you will always get an option of voice or video chat if available.

How long will this price be offered?

This is a limited offer price as more clients come on board this price is subject to increase. Those who are in at this low price will be grandfathered in.

Can my spouse or partner use my plan?

No, this is an individual plan for one person. Spousal Bundle is available for a significant discount and should be listed as an optional add on.


A $1,313 value for just $57

If at any time after you invest today, if you don't get the results you expect, cancel the month-to-month agreement and keep the 2 free gifted books and chat advice. $141 Value

Unlimited Chats per month - $97 value

Retirement Newsletter - $9 value

Membership Portal - $47 value

Face-Face Video Chat (Optional) - $25 value

401k Secrets Book - $17 value

Partnership Program - $100 value

Portfolio Review - $497 value

Free Webinar Access - $197 value

Discounted Retirement Courses - $297 value

Roth vs Traditional Secrets Book - $27 value

" Get help at the gym, riding on public transportation, on vacation or even at the pool"

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